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Top 3M Teflon Coating in Delhi, NCR | Car Teflon Coating.

Teflon coating is the process of applying a thin layer of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), also known as Teflon, to the outer surfaces of cars. Known for its non-stick characteristics, Teflon is a polymer that creates protective armor over the car's paint. Serving as a barrier, this coating safeguards the vehicle from harmful environmental factors like acid rain, UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings, and tiny stones.

Moreover, Teflon coating not only offers a shiny appearance but also provides excellent protection against the chances of scratches, paint fading, and circular marks. As a result, Teflon coating has gained immense popularity among car enthusiasts, aiming to enhance both the look and durability of their cherished automobiles. Get best-in-class genuine teflon coating for car services at a pocket-friendly budget, right at your doorstep.

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Teflon Coating Price and Top Brands:

The cost of Teflon coating for a car starts at Rs. 4000+ and for a bike starts at Rs. 1000+, depending on the brand and the size of your vehicle. We provide a variety of top Teflon coating brands, including 3M and Meguiar's, for your vehicle. Call Us Phone 088-5140-1212 WhatsApp For Deal of the Day!

3M Teflon Coating:

3M Teflon coating provides a tough barrier, shielding your vehicle against damage from road chips, corrosion, rust, and other environmental pollutants. Forget about concerns regarding scratches and dents, as our coating maintains your car's pristine appearance. Boost your vehicle's defense with 3M Teflon Coating at our Car Detailing Studio Outlet.

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Meguiar's Teflon Coating:

Improve your vehicle's protection with Meguiar's Teflon Coating. As a well-known and reliable brand, Meguiar's Teflon Coating ensures protection from harmful UV rays, rust, bird droppings, and more. Our comprehensive package includes a thorough exterior washing, then a polish for a shiny finish, meticulous pre-coating rubbing, and polishing to remove swirl marks and small scratches. Trust Meguiar's to maintain your car's impeccable appearance.

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Q. Is Teflon coating at your doorstep possible?

A. Of course, it is possible, subject to the premises suiting the Teflon coating on the car or bike. However, a covered and dust-free area is best suited for processing the Teflon coating for better results.

Q. What is the cost of 3M Teflon coating?

A. The price of 3M Teflon Coating starts at Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9000+ for a car in Delhi, NCR. To know the exact price for your car or bike, call us at 8851401212.

Q. Is Teflon coating recommended for a new car?

A. Teflon coating is one of the best paint protection solutions for vehicles and comes in the affordable category. However, Teflon coating is recommended for every car, whether new or old. If you own a new luxury car, experts suggest getting Paint Protection Film (PPF) for full paint protection or ceramic coating for a longer-lasting shine.

Q. What are the advantages of Teflon coating?

  1. Teflon coating is an affordable, short-term solution.
  2. Teflon coating is a non-sticky sealant coating capable of paint protection.
  3. Teflon coating is capable of retaining the gloss and shine for six to twelve months.
  4. Teflon coating can enhance the resistance of paintwork.

Q. Is rubbing polish necessary before Teflon coating?

A. This may be required, as the paint surface needs to be thoroughly prepared before applying any coating to freeze its shine and luster until its gloss and shine are at their highest.

Q. Teflon coating vs. ceramic coating?

  1. Teflon coating is a sealant-based coating, whereas ceramic coating is a crystal coating.
  2. Teflon coating is known as poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylene (PTFE), while ceramic coating is known as silica-based SiO2 or TiO2 coating.
  3. The life span of Teflon coating is not more than one year, while the lifespan of ceramic coating is up to five years.
  4. Teflon coating is a low-cost paint protection solution, while ceramic coating is more expensive than Teflon coating.

Q. What are the disadvantages of Teflon coating?

A. There are three main disadvantages that are noticed as such:

  1. The life-span of Teflon coating is six months to one year only.
  2. Teflon coating can be removed during vigorous and non-professional washing with sub-standard soap and shampoo.
  3. There is not enough water beading effect in comparison to ceramic coating or Paint Protection Film (PPF).