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Service Partnership

Become a Service Partner

Ola Car Wash gives you the opportunity to become a service partner for your local area. You can register your existing car wash business with us or you can also join us to start a new car wash business. Ola Car Wash will help you to grow your own car wash business in your localities under our popular brand. We will allow you to use our brand name so that customers can easily connect directly with you. Just connect your car wash business with us and get a large number of customer inquiries. Our b2c (business to customer) web platform will help to grow visibility of your business at your localities with our brand.


Profile Ola Car Wash


Applicant must have adequate knowledge of business management, customer handling as well as enough experience in cleaning segment, these are the important aspects to start and run the car cleaning business smoothly.

Machinery Ola Car Wash


Necessary setup, adequate cleaning Machinery and equipment, eco friendly techniques, trained staff and quality product should be used. So that the quality of the service remains intact.

Documentary Ola Car Wash


Operational video needs to be prepared in working condition where machinery and equipment is being used by any of the car washing staff. This needs to be shared with us.


Initially, the capacity of service partner will be assessed by the company, no service partner will be allocated in the same area where a service partner is already exists; a new service partner may be allocated at a minimum distance of 10 KMs. Distance (gap) among the service partners depends on the locality and market demand, henceforth gaps may be increased or decreased on basis of market demand.


No Commission Ola Car Wash
No Commission

Ola Car Wash is one of the companies who are not taking any commission from its Service Partners in any service partnership program

Ola Car Wash
NO Revenue:

Ola Car Wash is not forcing its Service Partners to share any of their profits or dividend with the company, as its fully their income and profit they are earning by giving good quality services to their customers.

Indipendent Business Ola Car Wash
Independent Business:

Ola Car Wash is has brought an opportunity for you to become a successful entrepreneur, It is a 100% independent business owned and controlled by service partner.

Indipendent Business Ola Car Wash
No Boundation:

Ola Car Wash is not bounding its service partners to provide car washing services to a limited area; they can provide/supply their services anytime, anywhere as per their own convenience.

No Restriction Ola Car Wash
No Restriction on Purchase:

Ola Car Wash has not set any restriction on the purchase of any machinery and equipment; Service partners are allowed to buy anything from any vendor according to their requirement.

Indipendent Business Ola Car Wash
Customizable Packages:

Ola Car wash is giving access right to its Service partners to customize the packages & prices as per their convenience, subject to the price must not exceed our standard prices.

Indipendent Business Ola Car Wash
Mobile App:

The Company will facilitate a mobile application for each service partner as well as for customers, where the customers can get the booking facility, and the service partners can get the booking details, call details, call recording and many other useful features. The company can incorporate many more features as per the requirement.

Indipendent Business Ola Car Wash
Access Rights:

Service partner has full rights to allot access powers to their staff for login into mobile application according to their requirement.

Single Window Ola Car Wash
Single Window:

We are a single-window for our service partners, where they can find solutions regarding setup, machinery and equipment for entire project; because the company is neither a manufacturer nor a retailer, it is just a medium to provide facilities to its service partners through its channel partners.