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Door2Door Car Wash

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Door2Door Car Wash Franchise

Become a service partner of Door2door Car Wash co-powered by Ola Car Wash (P) Limited; it is a customer oriented franchise model that will help you grow your business rapidly. This is the right place to start your car wash business as it is a customer-oriented web platform and it is the best choice for the customers, hence it is capable for maximum customer engagement.


Exclusive Right: Service Partners will have the exclusive right to use our name to conduct their own business during the active period of the Partnership.

Independent: Service Partners are 100% independent and will have full rights to use their business name under our franchise model. It is a unique feature that service partners can use their business name along with the franchise name so that their business name becomes popular soon.

No Commission: There is no commission system under our franchise model, we never ask for any commission for any deal or customer inquiry. The service partner pays only the service charge annually.

Your Website: The booking system of this dynamic website is ready to act on behalf of our Franchisee Service Partners. The website will work for the nearest service partner; the contact details, address, and business name of the concerned service partner will be displayed on the website, as a result of which the customer can directly connect with the service partner. If the customer makes an online booking, the booking will be delivered to the partner's email id.

Dedicated Webpage: Service Partner will be assigned a dedicated unique webpage (URL) so that they can use its link/URL for their promotional activities.

Own Price Rate: Service partners are allowed to change the rates of cleaning services as per their convenience by requesting or login into the admin panel, subject to feasibility and approval.


Get regular customers directly without any diversion and sharing; 5 to 20 customers can connect in different ways like phone calls, whatsapp, emails; The flow of customers may vary from location to location and may be increased/decreased on the performance of the respective service partner/franchisee.

The above predicted initial number of customer will be predicted more clearly on the technical survey report of the respective location, so that the service partner/franchisee can easily plan how much initial staff/manpower is required as per the guidelines/suggestions for starting the business and expanding the business.

While the service partner's service quality or behavior is not good, customers generally refrain from choosing that service partner/franchisee.

Door2Door Car Wash is the best choice of most of the customers while the customer flow in also depends on the following factors.

  • Locality
  • Demand
  • Service Quality
  • Offers & Pricing
  • Customer Dealing
  • Service Principle
  • Prompt Response
  • Promotional Activities
  • Service Delivery Capability


  • Candidates should have valid photo Identity Card.
  • Candidates should have valid residential proof.
  • Candidates should know the business.


Business Profile: The applicant should have adequate knowledge of business management, and customer management as well as sufficient experience in the cleaning sector.

Machinery: Necessary machinery and equipment will be arranged by the service partner. We would like to suggest three options for arranging machinery and equipment.

  • Option-1: Purchase from Local or online from any vendor at your convenience.
  • Option-2: In case any item is not feasible, you can purchase it from us or our alliance.
  • Option-3: You can purchase a complete setup from us or our alliance.
Note: List of necessary Machinery & Equipment would be provided with technical survey report.

Documentary: An operational video needs to be prepared where the machinery and equipment are being used.


Franchise : Rs 1,26,000 view more
  • On-Board: Rs 50,000 For: Exclusive Right, Onetime Activation, Software allocation, Maintenance, 1 Year Franchise Fee
  • Printing: Rs 15,195 For: Banner, Visiting Card, Identity Card, T-Shirt ect will be delivered @doorstep. (Optional)
  • Google : Rs 36,500 For: We create your Google Ads account with your Gmail, initially Rs 36,500/- will be added to your Google Ads account by us.
  • Handling: Rs 5,085 For: We will Charge 5% for Handling.
  • G-Total : Rs 1,06,780 + 19,220 (GST) = 1,26,000
  • Renewal @1,000/- Per Month from Next Year (Optional)
Machinery : Rs 3,00,000+ view more
  • Bikes: Rs 1,20,000+ Hint: Old bikes can be used in the beginning.
  • Washer: Rs 45,000+ Hint: Low price washer (3,000/- to 5,000/-) can be used in the beginning.
  • Vacuum: Rs 18,000+ Hint: Low price vacuum (3,000 to 5,000/-) can be used in the beginning.
  • Rubbing: Rs 6,000+ Hint: Low price Rubbing Tools (2,000 to 4,000/-) can be used in the beginning.
  • Polisher: Rs 25,000+ Hint: Low price Polisher (7,000 to 8,000/-) can be used in the beginning.
  • Foam Set: Rs 12,000+ Hint: Low price Foam Lance Set (2,000 to 3,000/-) can be used in the beginning.
  • Chemical: Rs 20,000+ Hint: Minimum Quantity (5,000 to 7,000/-) can be purchased in the beginning
  • MISC: Rs 10,000+ Hint: Miscellaneous item as convenience can be purchased in the beginning


Apply Online: No Payment view more
  • Only one candidate will be selected for each location.
  • If you are selected then you will have to pay Rs. 5,000 + GST for conducting technical survey to assess the current demands.
  • If the first candidate does not pay for the technical survey, we offer the next 'QUEUE' candidates.
Selection: 2-7 Days view more
  • We will scrutinize all applications.
  • We will select the most suitable candidate for each location, it may take 2-7 days.
  • If you are selected then we will inform you soon.
  • Selected candidate will have to pay Rs. 5,000 + GST for conducting a technical survey to assess the current demand in their local area, so that a master plan can be executed to meet the demand.
Technical Survey: Pay 5,000
  • Pay Rs 5,000 + GST 18% (900) = Rs 5,900/- for Technical Survey.
  • Mode of Payment: Online Transfer or Bank Deposit to Company Current Account of Ola Car Wash Pvt Ltd. Account details will be shared with you if you are selected.
  • Share Payment Confirmation.
  • Get Online GST Invoice.
  • After payment, we will conduct a technical survey to assess the current demand for related services in your locality; it may take 7-14 days.
  • We will share you the full-fledged report of technical survey containing real data of Google; we will analyze the current demand and prepare a 5 year projected plan for the continuous growth of your business.
  • Simply; this survey will minimize the risk of failure.
  • Simply; this survey will help you plan a business in the beginning.
  • Without survey neither you nor we can make a business plan for any location, as it is important to know the current demand in order to plan the team or machinery needed to meet the demand.
Get Report: 5-7 Days view more
  • You will get a full-fledged report of technical survey containing real data of Google.
  • Analyse the report and plan to start your business, you can ask us for better planning.
  • Now you have to do following:
  • Step-1: Arrange Machinery & Equipment.
  • Step-2: Arrange Team/Staff.
  • Step-3: Pay Franchise amount. (After payment, it may take minimum 15 days for allocation and activation)
Get Franchise: Pay Rs 1,26,000
  • Pay Rs 1,06,780 + 19,220 (GST) = Rs 1,26,000
  • Mode of Payment: Online Transfer or Bank Deposit to Company Current Account of Ola Car Wash Pvt Ltd. Account details will be shared with you if you are selected.
  • Share Payment Confirmation.
  • Get Online GST Invoice.
  • After payment, minimum 15 days are required for allocation and activation of franchise business.


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