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A dust-free and spotless living area requires a clean sofa. As a result, your sofa must be clean in order to attract your guests and clients. Our professionals are always available to assist you with your couch cleaning needs, and we employ cutting-edge technology to safeguard your sofa at your doorstep at the appropriate moment.

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Many individuals believe that there is no need to hire a professional sofa dry cleaning service because there are various DIY cleaning options available online. However, this is a fundamentally incorrect strategy. An expert understands the proper procedures and chemical applications: Cleaning the sofa on your own might disrupt the entire cleaning strategy. It is possible since you are unfamiliar with the proper cleaning procedures and chemicals.

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It is preferable to delegate the obligation for sanitization to a professional sofa dry cleaning service in Delhi.


Q. Sofa dry cleaning cost at home?

A. The cost of sofa dry cleaning is very nominal while it requires hard labour as well as need to know the process and technique otherwise its soft fabric may get damaged for which a professional is best suited for this job. Generally Rs 300 to Rs 500 is the cleaning fee charged by various professionals in India.

Q. Which chemical is used for sofa cleaning?

A. There are different types of cleaning agents available in the market for cleaning sofas, curtains, mattresses etc. While some people use local and hard chemicals for more margin as a result of which hard chemicals can damage your fabric for which a trusted branded cleaning agent is recommended but it is more important to choose a trust-worthy professional.

Q. How can I clean my sofa at Home?

A. There is no strict rule and procedure for cleaning a sofa at home; three things are needed to clean sofa, curtain, mattress etc. The first is chemical agent, the second is cleaning machinery, and the third is laborious.

Q. Is vinegar good for cleaning sofa?

A. Nowadays there are various branded cleaning agents available instead of vinegar. Vinegar can cause odor and poor cleaning.

Q. Is baking soda and vinegar a good cleaning agent?

A. Baking soda or vinegar is not recommended for cleaning expensive and luxury fabrics; inferior and hard chemical may damage the fine and soft fabric.