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Door2Door Car Wash provides PPF (TPU) installation services for nearly all major manufacturers through our associate partner “The Detailing Gang” Detailing Studio Outlet. PPF (Paint Protection Film) is a transparent and invisible film that is put to the exterior of a car's paintwork to prevent undesirable scratches, swirl marks, stone chips, tree sap, bird droppings, colour fading, and to extend the life of the car's paintwork and shine looks

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The bodywork of the automobile is covered with PPF (Paint Protection Film), a transparent, self-healing film, to protect it from dents and scratches.

It is also known as anti-stone film because it shields against pebbles and stones that can scratch a car's bodywork if they wash up against it. The film provides defence against insects, resins, and limescale because of its potent hydrophobic properties.


So, Visit Our Detailing Studio of our associated partner “The Detailing Gang” Nearby your location.



Q. Does PPF can be done on doorstep?

A. PPF (Paint Protection Film) application on the doorstep or at home is not recommended since it requires a completely dust-free, closed area to be completed.

Q. What is the best PPF (Paint Protection Film)?

A. Garware, Detailing Gang, Llumar, 3M, Suntek, Xpel etc. are some popular brands of PPF (Paint Protection Film). They provide good paint protection film.

Q. What is the difference between Ceramic Coating and PPF (Paint Protection Film)?

A. Ceramic Coating avoid light scratches and swirls marks but PPF protects from harder scratches and mark.

Q. Which PPF (Paint Protection Film) installation can be done at home?

A. All types of PPF (Paint Protection Film) installation require dust free closed area, so it is not preferable to done any PPF (Paint Protection Film) installationat home.

Q. Which is best between Teflon Coating and PPF (Paint Protection Film)?

A. The primary distinctions are life and hardness. PPF (Paint Protection Film) provides approximately 5 times the hardness of Teflon and has approximately 10 times the life of Teflon Coating, but Teflon is much more affordable than PPF (Paint Protection Film). As a result, each protection has its own set of advantages.

Q. Can multiple brands of PPF (Paint Protection Film) can be applied on different parts of a single vehicle?

A. It is not recommended because each brand's PPF (Paint Protection Film) composition varies slightly, so each may appear different from the others on every part.