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We work with all top brands of ceramic coatings, but we provide only quality and genuine work.

Ceramic Coating is a silicon-based coating which gives protection over a level of starches according to the hardness of the coating and provides protection from harmful UV effects and also it gives a water-dust repelling effect on car paint surface.

Get all types of genuine ceramic coating services such as 9H ceramic coating, 10H ceramic coating, graphene coating at our associate detailing center 'The Detailing Gang'; Visit our nearest detailing studio for a surprise deal.

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We provide ceramic coating along with PPF, Wrapping, etc. services in our associated partner’s “The Detailing Gang” Detailing Studio Outlet.

Our Detailing Studio are facilitated with high tech machineries and luxurious amenities with premium work quality.

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Q. Does ceramic coating can be done on doorstep?

A. It is not preferable to have ceramic coating on doorstep or at home as it needs a complete dust free closed place to be done.

Q. What is the best ceramic coating?

A. 3M, Meguiar’s, System X, etc. are some popular brands of ceramic coating. They provide good paint protection.

Q. What is the difference between 9H ceramic and graphene coating?

A. Graphene Coating is as glossy as 9H but harder than 9H Ceramic Coating.

Q. Which coating can be done at home?

A. All types of coating require dust free closed area, so it is not preferable to done any coating at home.

Q. Which is best between Teflon Coating and Ceramic Coating?

A. The basic differences are life and hardness. Ceramic coating provides 3 times approx. Hardness from Teflon and have 4-5 times(approx.) much life than Teflon Coating, but Teflon is much reasonable than Ceramic coating. So, both coating has their own benefits.

Q. Can multiple brands of ceramic coating can be applied on a single vehicle?

A. It is not preferable to do that as every brand have some little much difference in their chemical composition of their ceramic coatings.