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Door to Door Car Wash is a unit of Ola Car Wash that offers you an eco-friendly doorstep car wash services at an affordable price. Steam Wash is a complete solution for car washing, car cleaning, auto detailing and dry cleaning services at doorstep; simultaneously it is environment friendly and suitable for saving the precious water.

We would like to extend the concept of steam car wash across the country so that a huge amounts of precious water can be saved as well as clean the vehicle thoroughly without waste water.

Make a Call

Make a call to book your car wash. Our experts will reach your location with our mobile car washing vehicle.

Book Online

Book Online your car wash. Our experts will reach your location with our mobile car washing vehicle.

Choose package

Our economical package start from Rs. 450/- for steam car wash and detailing services @your doorstep.

Complete Detailing

Get complete detailing and upholstery services at your doorstep at affordable price.



Steam cleaning is the process of using steam vapor to clean vehicles exterior and interior. Steam has been an important component of cleaning for decades. Steam wash can sterilize and sanitize your vehicle. Steam Car Wash makes for cleaner, greener, healthier and stunning cars. It has the unique ability to clean and shine your vehicle simultaneously. It also has the ability to kill bacteria, germs, viruses, molds & other microorganisms. After all, Steam Wash is a complete car cleaning solution. Prices>


Dry car washing is a method consisting of car cleaning and polishing steps without using a large quantity of water. This method of cleaning has recently grown rapidly, which is called 'Save Water'. Complete car dry cleaning, seat cleaning, car vacuuming, car dash board polish are called 'healthy car'. Sofa, chair, carpet dry cleaning is the process of removing or sucking dirt and dust from your couch. In this way, effective cleaning agents are injected into your couch to remove dirt and grime. Prices>


Detailing job is a thorough cleaning, restoration and finishing of the vehicle, show-quality cleaning and polishing. Detailing can be performed on a vehicle's exterior and interior also. Complete car detailing can get your ride looking gorgeous. During detailing, the exterior & interior of the car will be waxed to protect your vehicle's paint from peeling or fading. There is millions of dirt, dust or debris inside the vehicle; however, during vacuuming, it removes every piece of dirt, dust, germs. Prices>


Get Franchise

START CAR WASH BUSINESS Door to door car wash business is now easier to start in any urban or semi urban area; Ola Car Wash promises to help you achieve your goals. We will empower you to maintain business. We are providing a complete solution for better success in the doorstep car wash business. >

Low Investment

It is good time to start a profitable business with a low investment, we have designed two modules in doorstep car washing segment; one is door to door car washing e-cart system & second is door to door car washing bike system under our franchise scheme... >

Most Profitable

India's leading door to door car washing franchise scheme allows for high profit. Doorstep car detailing service must include wash, wax, interior vacuuming, polishing, mirror & trim cleaning and tyre cleaning, and must also use precise chemicals to achieve efficient results... >


Ola Car Wash is happy to announce the assured business plan under the franchise scheme. We will help franchises to sustain their business on delivering regular enquiries.

 Free 4 Enquires per day or 600 custombers' Enquires for first six months... >

Free Materials

First six months car washing and sofa dry cleaning materials are free under franchise scheme. We will supply quality products for car cleaning, washing and dry cleaning purpose so that brand value remains high. Microfiber, Chemical, Wax etc are to be supplied @free of cost. >

Mobile No. & IVR

We will facilitate a Postpaid mobile number to each franchise and our company will pay its bill till franchise is active. Company brand IVR/ welcome tune will be activated by the company; however, franchisees can share local (regional) language audio for approval & activation... >

100% Independent

Ola Car Wash offers a unique and simple concept for 100% freedom of franchise; we will neither take commission on your income nor restrict your service area. There is no boundation on buying any products or materials from open market or from other vendor... >

B2C Platform

We are facilitating B2C "business-to-consumer", website enabling customers to connect to nearest franchisee; it helps to establish communication between franchise and customer. A dedicated webpage will be assigned to each franchisee under our official websites... >

Brand Support

We provide brand support services that help you express your dreams. We will also be able to contact experts involved in specific requirements / critical issues. We will promote your business name as a franchise 'service partner' in respective area of each franchise... >


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Car Washing e-Cart

Ready to plug in steam car washing e-Cart equipped with Hi-End technology and machinery. Just Plug & Play your door to door car washing business.

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Car Washing e-Cart

Ola Car Wash
Ola Car Wash

Door to Door Car Washing Bike System

Two wheeler (TVS) Bike setup for door to door car washing is now available with assured business scheme.

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Doorstep Washing Bike

Ola Car Wash
Ola Car Wash


Optima Car Wash is a leader in Steam Car Washer which is now available on franchise scheme.

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Products & Equipments

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