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100% Original & Genuine of 3M, Meguiar's & Clean Boyz

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  • Car Rubbing by Machine
  • Original Rubbing Compound
  • All Jobs on the Camera
  • Live Telecast
  • Watch Live from Anywhere
  • Pre-Foam Wash Included
  • Pre-Foam Jet Wash Included
  • Post-Foam Wash Included
  • Post-Foam Jet Wash Included
  • Wax Polishing Included
  • Full Exterior Polish Included
  • Exterior Polishiable Black Parts*
  • Tyre Dressing Included
  • 3M Rubbing-Polish (Add-On)
  • Meguiar's Rubbing-Polish (Add-on)
  • Clay Treatment (Add-on)
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Benefits of Car Rubbing Polishing

While Rubbing the car, it removes the top layer of paint from the car; The car paint space becomes more fine and shiny, so that the dirt does not accumulate on the car paint. Rubbing brings back the original shine of the car. While wax polishing is done after rubbing, the life of the paint can be extended. Rubbing - Car polishing can be done at least once a year, to prolong the life of the paint and shine. Benefits to rubbing & waxing.

  • It removes a fine top layer of car paint to get rid of scratches and imperfections.
  • It can able to Bring back the original shiny and Glossy surface of the car paint.
  • It can able to removes the dullness of a car.
  • It can able to reveals the original color beneath.

Car Rubbing Polishing Price

  1. Hatch Cars Starting from Rs 850/-
  2. Sedan Cars Starting from Rs 1100/-
  3. SUV Car Starting from Rs 1250/-
  4. Luxury Car Starting from Rs 1400/-
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